LG4163b DL problem


I’m in trouble with my burner.
I’m unable to burn correctly a DL disc.

I use Nero 7 and a traxdata DVD+R DL disc ( same as http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/172 ).

I’ve trying for 3 times with A105 and A106 firmware.

The 1° dvd video disc has stopped on 2 layer writing.
The 2° dvd video disc has successfully written but verify test fails.
The 3° dvd video disc reports a reset problem. ( ?? )

I use win2k with dma enabled.

Thank you.

Most people have problems burning any DL media, except Verbatim. My only attempt to burn a traxdata DL (with my NEC burner) also produced a coaster.
Even with Verbatim DL, no guarantee exists, but you have a better chance of success.

thank you.

Where did you get the A106 firmware? Can’t find it on the LG website. Is it an official version or hacked version?

The 4163B should work with Verbatim DL and Ricoh DL. Verbatim is the better choice though, for burning quality and compatibility with DVD players. As you have guessed by now, it hates Ritek DL discs.

Whatever you get, remember that the 4163B only supports DVD+DL discs not DVD-DL ones.

It’s official, but is only available through LG’s auto-update program at the moment but should appear on LG’s service websites eventually.

Before you run off and try and use the auto-update program, let me mention that the it is buggy and often won’t run properly (can’t find any updates despite the fact everyone else can), or at all (runtime error 7, won’t start). Someone managed to extract the download link from the auto-update program and posted it in this thread :


Have a look there for more details on A106.

I’ve just done my first DL burn. It was with Verbatim 2.4x +R (MID is MKM001) , burned at 4x with ImgBurn.

I’m so pleased with the result that I just wanted to post it somewhere & here seemed the most appropriate. I should point out that this is a backup of a DVD I own.

Yes, great burn & scan, also great movie!!