LG4163B -> computer boot



I installed LG4163B drive as Master in the secondary IDE.
Installation went fine, Xp Home shows the drive.
But when i try to use it, the computer makes a boot
(go down and start again). Xp Home does not give any error

Motherboard Asrock 939dual-sata2, Athlon 64 3500+,
one sata2 drive (Maxtor 300 GB), Win XP Home.
LG4163B firmware A105. Power 400 W.
What can be wrong?


What causes the reboot…?

Please check the Event-Viewer for more info.


Power supply problem, faulty IDE cable or LG set as master but on slave connection.

Is this the only optical device you have connected? And has it just started?


Could also be the IDE drivers that cause that. You can try uninstalling your IDE drivers. Windows should reboot and then automatically install its own default IDE drivers.