LG4163B (A104) with DVD Region+CSS Free



Is anyone else using this combination?

I cannot get it to work. If I set DRF to autoload then Nero and DVD Shrink fail to run - they just do not even start.

If I set DRF to load manually and start it after running Nero (or DVD Shrink) then the app exits as soon as I try to do anything.

I’ve emailed DRF support but no reply yet and they don’t have a support forum.

Anyone else seen this problem?


I have a problem that when I try to use DVD Shrink with my LG 4163B (A103) it crashes my computer and brings up the “blue screen of death”

I do not know how to fix this.


I have been using LG 4163B, DVD region+CSS free autoload (Version 5.81)and Nero( and DVD shrink and no problem what so ever…

Nero does load slowly after the region free is loaded…but can start and burn without any problem…
Maybe u should check the version u r using??


Try ANYDVD it works


I am a registered user of D.R.F so I expected it to work. Here is the unbelievable reply I got from their ‘support’:

“Thank for your report. We will check the problem and try to fix it in future

Can you believe that’s how they respond to a paying customer who can’t use their product?


Well what you expect them to say?

You informed them of a problem, they said they’ll get onto it?

Can’t ask more than that!


Err, no, they didn’t.

I informed them of a complete showstopper problem which prevents me, a paying customer, from using their product at all.

Their response basically tells me that they’ll add it to their bug list and may get round to looking at it and fixing in some future, unspecified release.

Quite how they could possibly expect to “get onto it” without requesting full details from me about my system, software and environment I don’t know.

The truth is its a canned response which means they hope I’ll forget about it and they will too.

Meantime I’ve paid good money for a product that not only doesn’t work, it prevents me from using my existing applications.

Maybe you’d be happy with that response but I think its pathetic.

If they were serious about trying to fix it they would have started a dialog with me and tried to help track it down.