LG4163 and Memorex DVD+R 16x



Currently BestBuy sells Memorex DVD+R 16x for US$9.99 for 25 spindle, which is quite cheap for me. I searched the forum for any experience with these DVDs but didnt find. Does any of you have experience with these DVDs in LG4163? I want to buy a number of spindles to take back to Europe and like to verify if it is a good choice.

Thanks, :bow:


If you get CMC discs (and not Prodisc or MCC) inside, they should look something like this:

I wouldn’t take more than a couple of these… keep in mind that buying Memorex is not unlike playing lottery.


A few more scans of CMCMAGM01 burned with an LG GSA-4163B at 16x. (The discs improved a little further into the 50-pack.)


i got me some yesterday. 4 25 packs. 3 were prodiscr04 and one was mcc004