LG4160B does not go over 4X

Hi, I have a 1 month old lg4160 DVD burner and I did not get to burn faster than 4X on DVD-R or DVD+R, Nero Info tool reports than Max is 4X, I also tried Roxio DVD creator with same results, burning CD is OK and all DVD created are also OK, I tied a speed simulation under Nero and it reports to achieve 30X. any ideas?
RGDS Antonio

Try MCC004 or MXLRG04 media.

It could be the media. What are you using?

Have you tried other media?

Thanks a lot I finally got to work. First I tried some Hardware changes (like leaving the burner alone in the IDE channel as Master), the I tried three different types of media (expensive ones by the way) but nothing worked. Finally I updated the firmware from A301 into A302 that you made me available and it is also in the german LG server (www.lgeservice.com) and it did solve the problem. I tried IMATION 16X and VERBATIM 12X media (did not work before) and worked fine, Philips 8X only achieved 4X. It is important to point out, that if you want to upgrade firmware you should connect the burner alone as MASTER in the secondary IDE channel

Did it help your firmware flashing process? I never did that. Though it’s best to have only one device per channel, it’s normally OK to have two HDDs or two ODDs or one HDD and one ODD as well.

See other threads - Philips media is underspeeded on LG it’s a shame it gives a nice burn.

Philips 16x at 16x and at 16x P-CAV. Read the review.

@Kenshin - read the post (LOL)
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It was a reply to your post, not antonio.fernandez’s.

Philips media is underspeeded on LG it’s a shame it gives a nice burn.

That was a lie on your part. You knew not all Philips media are written at speeds lower than the rated. You have done it all the time. You want other people to hate LG more by emphasizing and exaggerating problems caused by user errors and drive weaknesses because you had some poor experiences with your LG drive and you try to do it in a worse fashion because I pointed out many times that it was mostly your own faults. You are not helpful, but resentful and bashful, on this forum. And yes, that was why I added “Overcome Yourself” in my signature though you were not the major cause.

Come down guys, I only said that a specific pack of 8X Philips media, only burns at 4X (Nero´s drop down menu max). IT DOES NOT MEAN that philips media is bad nor the LG4160B burner is bad, I am sure Philips media is OK and I can tell you tha I am delighted with my LG burner,it works very well and it accepts all the formats, including DVD-RAM it is just this specfic pack did not perform to full power on my burner.
Kenshin:First of all, thanks a lot. The reason for setting the burner alone in the 2nd. channel is because LG advises to do so, I tried no other way, I prefer to play safe

True, LG documentation always seems to advise to have the drive connected to Secondary-Master without its Slave empty. I usually don’t wear a globe when I touch jumpers and cards because I’m lazy. :slight_smile: