LG4120 new firmware (A102) Available

Check out rpc1.org

Firmware A102 is available for download now.

hmm i got that 2 days ago any different than the one i downloaded??

i know it doesnt support bitsetting…

hmm they pulled it from this site…im think there may be issues with it?


Now that’s annoying.

The dangerous brothers RPC1, Autorestting firmware is still available at


LG asked some sites to remove A102 firmware as well as N0AD and other versions not meant for public download.

I was even more annoyed. An admin at my other site had to move some threads to admin-only forum because of LG’s request. N0AD is not available now.

LG is not going to let people change bitsetting with GSA-4120B, not in anytime soon.

LG is not going to let people change bitsetting with GSA-4120B, not in anytime soon.

It’s their right to do so, but currently I would not buy any drive that is unable to do bitsetting. DVD+R discs with booktype set to DVD-ROM are the most compatible discs you can get when you burn your own DVDs.


So you should tell the people at LG that “no one would like to buy a DL drive without bitsetting not in anytime soon”. If it is made public that DL drives without DVD-ROM bitsetting is not much worth because of bad compatibility they won’t sell any of their 4120 in the future.

So the only recommendation that could be done for DL drives is: “Buy a NEC2510”.



Stock NEC 12510 drives don’t do butsetting either. :confused:

NB “butsetting” is the New Zealand pronunciation of bitsetting. :stuck_out_tongue:

But at least you can flash them with an HP firmware which supports bitsetting. It would be enough for me if I could do the same with an LG drive. But if LG doesn’t want to sell their drives, I won’t stop them :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anybody know why they don’t want us to do bitsetting? If LG is talking about standards tell them that the originators of +RW standards, namely Philips deliver their drives with bitsetting DVD-ROM!

firmware NOAD has been around for a while, so has TDB’s Auto Reset and RPC1 versions of A101 and A102. So we’re not out in the cold completely.

BTW I can’t wait to see read tests performed on the LG drive, unbelievably it just read a scratched disc that my Liteon 832 and Pioneer 107 couldn’t read.

License, is LG’s excuse so far, but it just seems they have been very reluctant to do it on their own.

Personally, I can’t recommend GSA-4120B either because it’s basically a DVD+R/DVD+RW drive rather than a “DVD Multi” or “Super Multi” drive and what worth has it if it doesn’t support bitsetting? Though it’s still useful, DVD+R/DVD+RW bitsetting has existed for the first-generation and second-generation DVD+RW drives at least since 2002, perhaps sometime in late 2001.

Personally I will stick with n0ad FW and MCC02 media. If LG does not change it’s policy they will at least lose one customer. :frowning:

I also gave up the thought of buying 4120B for myself anytime soon. :slight_smile:

(I already have Lite-On 812S along with about 20 other DVD writers.)

now you tell me…hehe…

but really the drive isnt that bad and if you have most any newer dvd player made in the last 2 or 3 years you should be able to play dvd+rs at least i am with my 5 or so newer ones…hell i even have a old sony that plays dvd+rs better than dvd-rs (locks up alot with dvd-rs) so theres no bullet proof solution to burning. ill keep it mainly cause i have too.

but whats been done on the nec could be done on this drive…ie take noad use it for bitsetting then take the write strategies from the newer fw releases and apply them to the noad version…herrie did it with the nec fw…not sure on what it involves totally yet.

You’ve got a nice collection yourself, I see.

Current DVD Hardware:
Liteon 812
Liteon 851
NU 082
Benq DW822A
Pioneer 107D
Liteon 48161H
LG 4120B 12x dual layer

Among the above, I don’t have 851, NU 082, Benq 822, ND-2500, Pioneer 107, LG 4120B.

I know most DVD players and DVD-ROM drives can play DVD+R disks without problems, but DVD+R DL does need bitsetting to DVD-ROM in order to be played perhaps at least 50% of the devices presently being used worldwide. I don’t know why there’s no Herrie for LG. :slight_smile:


What do you mean by this?
Does it not function as a proper -R or DVD-RAM drive?



I was not clear there. DVD+R and DVD+RW without bitsetting has lower compatibility than those with bitsetting. Bitsetting means the media can be written either with a DVD+R or DVD+RW booktype or a DVD-ROM booktype. The choice enhances compability with various drives and standalone players.

LG wanted their drives to be “Super-Multi” to make them more compatible than any other, but only half seriously.

Thanks Kenshin.

Understood now :slight_smile: