LG4120 - DVD+R DL Problem


I was wondering if anyone here could help. I am having trouble with the LG4120 when burning a DVD+R DL disk.

I currently have the ‘A102’ firmware loaded (the drive shipped with this installed). However when I attempted to burn to a Traxdata DVD+R DL using TMPG Encoder Author’s burner tool (which I have used successfully with loads of DVD-Rs and DVD+Rs and is supposed to be fully DVD+R DL ready) it failed immediately after the ‘lead in’.

Would downloading the N0AD firmware mentioned in other posts help? How many people have done this successfully? What media have people been using that has worked with the drive?

so far mitsubishi media works for me. will be testing out Verbatim soon . they r basically the same but packaging diff

I managed to get a Traxdata DL disk today and used Nero to burn a disk. It failed on the 1st layer giving a focus error?. Failed to keep logfile unfortunatly as computer rebooted. Running A102 Firmware. Is ther a problem with DL Traxdata disks. Have not been able to try another DL disk as in very short supply in the UK

Ritek DL media is unsupported by many writers at present most likely including GSA-4120B. It sounds like Ritek rushed the media to the market without giving time for drive makers to add support for it :a You better stick to MKM/Verbatim DL media until a firmware update is released, hopefully with added support for bitsetting too or else you won’t have much use for DVD+R DL anyway as compatibility will pretty much suck.

to those who burn perfect copies of Verbatim MKM001 media using f/w NOAD, may i know which burning s/w u using? ( would appreciate if u could state the software version as well).thanks


Finally got a DVD+R DL burnt :bigsmile:

Last week I attempted to burn a ‘Traxdata’ DVD+R DL on an LG4120 using Firmware version A102 - it failed during lead in (creating a nice, expensive coaster!). Computer problems prevented me from doing anything else that weekend.

Last night I flashed the LG drive with the NOAD firmware following the instructions at:
This unofficial firmware adds DVD-ROM Booktype and improves compatibility with various media types (an official LG firmware upgrade is due soon).

Having no more Traxdata media I used a (cheaper) Verbatim DVD+R DL 8.5GB disk for the project. Burner used was TMPG Encoder Author v1.6 Burning Tool. It worked flawlessly - it detected the disk, recognised burning speed of 2.4x and wrote the 7.8GB project (three episodes of a series recorded on a Panasonic HS2) to the disk in 43mins 40secs.

I’ve test compatibility with as many units as I can although it’s a totally random selection of my current/old DVD players, friends/nextdoor neighbours equipment and parents/nearby relatives

Arcam DV88 Played no problems
JVC THRA75 Played no problems
JVC HVS30 Played no problems
Panasonic E55 Played no problems
Panasonic HS2 Played no problems
Philips DVDR1000 (original firmware) Played no problems
Sony GX3 Initially played but had problems on second layer
Toshiba 210 Failed to play the DVDR - disk error
Toshiba 330 Failed to play the DVDR - disk error

Advent DVD-ROM (2002 series) Read no problems
Creative Labs 1998 Model Wouldn’t read/no disk access
Dell Inspiron 8100 Would not read
Dell Inspiron 8500 Read no problems
LG4040 Wouldn’t read/no access
Panasonic DF310 Read no problems
Samsung DVD-ROM Read no problems
Toshiba 1612 DVD-ROM Wouldn’t read/no disk access

All in all I think the compatibility is quite encouraging!

That’s a great success. You tested the disk in a lot of drives and players which is exactly what we all need. :slight_smile: