LG4120 and TMPGenc DVD Author 1.5

Anybody here use TMPGenc with the LG4120?

I have been using the LG4082 with TMPGenc to create DVDs from DVD-RAM and -R discs which I have recorded on my Panasonic E55 DVD recorder.

I have now upgraded to a 4120 and TMPGenc sees the RAM discs as an illegal format and with -R discs, it does not see the track list.

I have tried the same discs in my son’s PC which now has the 4082 and they are fine.

The 4120 works fine with DVD decryptor and DVD Shrink to back up a DVD, so it appears to be functioning?

Any clues?

For anyone interested - I installed TMPGenc onto the other Boot partition of my PC and all works well with the 4120 and TMPGenc.

Must be sopmething screwed in the registry of the initial OS.

Thanks for sharing.

have you tried to burn cd’s with 4120B.

how does it go?

I’ve done a few data 100Mbyte burns on CDs OK - no music CDs.