LG Writing Speed Graphs

Thanks for the review of the new LG burner, do you have any writing speed graphs from nero cdspeed that you could post?

I am interested in what strategies they use at different speeds.

For example,

What speed does the lg start writing at when writing at 8 speed and at what point does the drive change to 8 speed.

What does P-CAV mean when writing at 16 speed surely its only writing CAV.

If the drive rotation speed is increased and it starts writing at 16 speed before the end of the disc I could see how this would be P-CAV.

Any 16 speed and 8 speed graphs would be greatly appreciated.

Read the sticky threads if you haven’t.

GSA-4163/5163 tests done in early December 2004 with A1.01 firmware

Thanks for the reply, it does look like the rotation speed is increased for 16X P-CAV burns

Anybody have any idea what rotation speed is used (I guess its the speed equivalent to 48 x CD)

Does this mean it could write even faster with a start writing speed equivalent to 52x CD?

What writing speed of 52x CD?

For rotation speeds, look at the graphs again.