LG will soon release 16x DVD writers

Samsung was a little faster than LG this time. Samsung was also the first to release 52x/16x combo drive, the SM-352B.

LG responded to Samsung’s bold statements that LG still leads the ODD market and LG drives perform so well compared to Samsung that they need not hurry. LG even said why hurry in releasing 16x drives when 12x drives have just went mainstream in the retail market?

Of course, LG is embarrassed at the Samsung surprise. That will make LG release their own 16x writers sooner than planned. Expect tighter competition coming. The real price war will start from this summer. :slight_smile:

Great. Any idea about the spec’s off their new drives?

I hope something like this (or even better):
16x DVD+R
16x DVD-R
8x DVD-RAM (wouldn’t 16x be great! :drool: )
8Mb buffer (propably will never happen :frowning: )
52x CD-R
32x CD-RW

udma 4 interface wouldnt hurt either with 16x… :slight_smile:

They’ll make it 8MB if enough number of hardware sites simultaneously cry how 8MB or 16MB could make big differences. But then we all know it doesn’t make a difference in most situations anymore, thanks to the still-rapidly evolving PC technologies. But I still want 64MB or 256MB buffer in my ODD and HDD. :slight_smile:

I’d like an SATA native interface more but LG won’t do that before Intel makes an all-SATA chipsets.

891 :名無しさん◎書き込み中 :04/07/15 23:37 ID:nQGMHoir
今週正式に発表されたDVD±Rの16倍書き込みをサポートするPIONEER製DVD+R DL対応ドライブ
また、BenQからも今週末から来週にかけてDVD+R×16の+R DL対応ドライブ、DW1600が発売予定となっており、
さらに8月にはDVD-R DL対応のDW1620も発売されるようだ。
DVD+R×16のDVD+R DL対応ドライブGSA-4160B(?)をリリースするという話もある。

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DVD(ROM/RAM) (LG電子) GSA-4120BK(white)についての情報
まほりんりん さん 2004年 7月 17日 土曜日 14:55
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そろそろGSA-4160Bでもでるのかな?±16倍で+R DL 4倍になってそーw

[3040534]roitar さん 2004年 7月 17日 土曜日 17:43
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型番は・・・忘れました・・・_| ̄|○

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let me put it this way ive seen a 16x burn in a crummy initio external enclosure with a dma 4 interface liteon…so i know it makes a big difference as that enclosure has a hard time even at 8x with my laptop and the 812. :wink: and right now SATA external interfaces are out but i dont think they support opticals yet.

SATA supports optical ATA drives as SATA is the natural successor of PATA. The problem is that many SATA controller designers have neglected to take care of optical drives, but some SATA optical drives do work with some motherboards.


Can you please explain what’s above? I understand its results from a search, but what does it say?

It’s not really important but here’s a Korean translation which I also posted here, for records.


891 :무명씨◎기입중 :04/07/15 23:37 ID:nQGMHoir
「Pioneer 짓이김이겠지」(07/15)
·····모숍 점원담
이번 주 정식으로 발표된 DVD±R의 16배 기입을 서포트하는 PIONEER제 DVD+R DL대응 드라이브
DVR-A08-J가, 7월 하순에 발매 예정이 되고 있다.
또, BenQ로부터도 금주말부터 다음 주에 걸쳐 DVD+R×16의 +R DL대응 드라이브, DW1600가 발매 예정이 되고 있어
게다가 8월에는 DVD-R DL대응의 DW1620도 발매되는 것 같다.
이것에 대해, 스펙에서는 선행하는 것이 많았던 LG는 빠르면 다음 주말에도
DVD+R×16의 DVD+R DL대응 드라이브GSA-4160B(?)(을)를 릴리스 한다고 하는 이야기도 있다.
이것에 앞서, 동사의 현행 드라이브 GSA-4120 B의 리테일판은, 판매 가격으로\10,000을 잘라 오고 있다.


음… 저 글 올라온 시간 7월 15일인데 지금 이미 2주 넘게 지났으니… 좀 늦네요.

“I heard LG will release GSA-4160B(?) that supports DVD+R 16x and DVD+R DL as early as this weekend.” is what was said about GSA-4160B.

Thanks Kenshin.

Any chance of X8 RAM and X8 RW? can you ask your friends at LG?

I usually don’t ask questions first. I don’t have a friend at LG though I guess I know what you meant by friends. I am much closer to Lite-On sources.

I don’t think 8x DVD-RAM or 8x DVD+RW/DVD-RW is important at this time. So LG won’t bother. Try to look at it from LG’s point of view. What will you do if you have to make and sell 50,000,000 DVD writers in a year? Naturally, the most lilely idea is to make sure all the major features that the most number of people need work correctly. They are the average PC-Windows users in Asia, America, Europe, and Africa, with the biggest and most important orders usually from the US of A. You CANNOT risk taking responsibility of write failures with DVD media rated at 4x by allowing the consumers to write at 8x, 2x faster than the rated. However, you can always blame the media manufacturers if the drives cannot write to some less privilegdged makers like CMC and Gigastorage at the rated speeds. 5x DVD-RAM in GSA-4120B was important in symbolic rather than practical sense because the main two competitors of rewritable DVD technologies were only at 4x, not necessarily for LG alone, but also for Hitachi, the main designer of ALL LG DVD writers so far. Since OEM orders from Dell are most likely based on unit prices and whether the maker can ship, say, 100,000 drives by a certain date, that also becomes a key priority. Less number of components is always a good thing for that. Using cheaper components, too. Removing a bundle media can save millions at once. None of the above is necessarily a logical decision making by any means but they are likely to do so as managers and executives.

But they’d listen to me if I had a doctor’s degree from Caltech or MIT or Harvard.