LG WH16NS60 \ LG BH16NS60 Ultra HD Blu-ray


Have you tested MBIR06? This is the media my LG BH16NS55 messed up, also with the WH16NS58-FW. My BH16NS40 burned them better than the Pio 209

I don´t burn many CD-R, but is there really a difference? My DVD-writers are not that different with CD-R, as long the drives know the ATIP. With old media not usable


I’m not sure if I have any MBIR06, so I haven’t tested them. If I find some I’ll certainly test them.

Burn quality for DVDs and CDs is similar between the two drives, however LG drives give a very limited set of speeds to burn at. As an example, for 16x DVD-R, you usually only have 8x and 16x as options. Pioneers give a greater range of speed choices. This may or may not be an issue for purchasers.



my biggest use will be for bluray backup (which drive transfers bluray faster to HD?) burning DVD and bluray 50gb.

I have no idea which drive to choose, maybe LG because it’s a recent release?


Yep, LGs limited burn speeds are not great. But with 16x-media I don´t burn <8x, with quality media 16x is also not a problem.

I ask about MBIR06 because this media is find everywhere in Germany. And I don´t know why the newer LGs burn it awful, earlier drives burn it good


For some reason MBIR06 is hard to find in the U.S. I’ve looked but haven’t found any.


Never mind :slight_smile:

Maybe some other ppl here get it soon


The LG BH16NS60 is officially announced on the official website of LG.


We have added with our @jadburner drive test LG WH16NS60-LG BH16NS60 Ultra HD Blu-Ray
I think that within a few days we will also be able to prepare the English language version of the test.



Still hoping for the engish version :slight_smile:


Did you try overburning using DVD+R media?


There is no possibility of overburning on DVD


We’re doing … I think we’ll be done in a few days


Thanks, thought you guys forget it :slight_smile:
But still these drives not available in Germany, only at Ebay I could buy it from US-shops for ~ 190€, that´s to much


Yeah, really too expensive for no real advance…


We invite you to read the article in English : LG WH16NS60-LG BH16NS60 Ultra HD Blu-Ray -English



Link don´t work for me

Page down?


We are updating the PHP with us … there will be a page available after the upgrade.


Thank you, works again :slight_smile:

Great work from you, guys :iagree:

Some questions/remarks

Only 6x reading of BD-R SL?

CMC D03 and RITEK S04 is not the favorite-media

01RG20 looks bad, to old for this drive or a Benq-problem?

02RG20 looks also not good, is the 03RG20 from CMC really that bad?

Typo on page 3, BD-R DL 50GB but it´s a RE?

What´s the meaning of page 17?

I guess it have LG-typical limited write-speeds for DVD-media?

BTW, quiet drive? Nice to see that the BH16NS60 don´t have the same awful mechanical design as the extreme noisy GH24NSD1


I am a bit surprised to see in their specs list WRITE support for M-Disc DVD and Blu-ray both at 4x, but NO READ support. Too funny, eh…


Reading BD-R x6 in accordance with the specification
CMC D03 and RITEK S04 are very poor DVD + R DL media today
01RG20 - This is the wine of the BenQ drives

I guess it have LG-typical limited write-speeds for DVD-media?
-It’s a savings-less strategy for saving less work and software problems

BTW, quiet drive? Nice to see that BH16NS60 don’t have the same awful mechanical design as the extreme noisy GH24NSD1 - Mechanics and other designs are even worse than NVC hardware: NS40