LG WH16NS60 \ LG BH16NS60 Ultra HD Blu-ray


HDLS has announced its first Ultra HD Blu-ray model on its official US corporate website.


Looks like the 16NS55 with new Logo

Hope the price is much lower than the Pioneer BDR-S11 (which is not available here atm)

The specs say 16x BD-R CLV?

LG drives clarification

Hardware must be adapted to UHD.
It looks like the model will be labeled as hardware NS60.
I do not know the price for this model.



I´m don´t know which hardware UHD requires. Different chipset or optical unit?


There must be at least a new AACS 2 encryption scheme.
I need to have documentation of the drive or drive physically to find out what the hardware is.


Not sure whether AACS is a Hardware or more a software/firmware-thing. If it need more CPU-/Controller-Power für encrypting/decryting it could be a hardware-thing.

Tthe high price of the Pioneer is maybe a result of the Software, special version of PowerDVD and licensing fee?


There is a special layout outside the AACS decryption chipset.
Look at the schematic LG BU40N


U.S. price for the WH16NS60 is $120.


Sounds good, with software like PowerDVD or not?

BDR-S11 cheapest price here was about 230€, actually only to find on Ebay at Japan-Shops, begins at ca. 195€

16NS60 I don´t found on Ebay


Thanks for the picture.

Looks like there a new chip for the encryption

But I can´t see anything which let me know whether a different OPU or chipset is also needed.


Pioneer BDR-211UBK Internal BD/DVD/CD Writer Supporting Ultra HD Blu-Ray Playback


More options, I like it that way.


Still not to find here.

So it looks like withoute Software the UHD-writers cost half the price


WH16NS60 photos:


I see that it changed the design of the HLDS hardware NS50 \ 51 \ 55 \ 58 - motherboard of the new type JB9.
Chipset and laser no change = MediaTek MT1959HWDN + OPU Hitachi HOP-B711


Thank you guys for the info

Hope someone will get one soon, maybe LG also fix the FW for MBIR06


jadburner, if you have access to the drive, could you please do a raw firmware dump using DevilsClaw’s flasher? Thanks! :flower:


PM sent.


I’m looking for a new driver UHD, What is the best driver? identical price

LG WH16NS60 = $118.99
Pioneer BDR-211UBK = $117.99



I think nobody here has them

I have 4 LGs and 3 Pioneer BD-Rs and my experience say go for the Pioneer. LG isn´t bad at all, but the Pioneer is good with all media

Or wait and hope someone get these writers soon


I have both drives, and like both. More testing has been done on the Pioneer drive, since it has been out longer. In limited BD-R testing I’ve had slightly better burns with the LG, but that is a very small sample size for the LG. If all you will be burning are BD-Rs, either drive should be fine. If you also plan to burn DVDs and CDs, I would go for the Pioneer.