LG WH14NS40 Firmware 1.05 Crashes BDRE drives permanently

LG WH14NS40 Firmware 1.05 Crashes BDRE drives permanently.
If you are using a Windows OPSYS older than Win10, DO NOT FLASH 1.05 or it will make your drive un-useable with no way to go back to an earlier version.
Hey LG, what the hell! You are so lax that you can’t look at the installed OPSYS before you CRASH good hardware? This is way beyond stupidity!
Why can’t you make the install software reversible? Not just look at the current version and say, sorry the software you are trying to install is older than the current version.
Your V1.05 just made my BDRE drive worthless in my Win7 system. This was a great BDRE, Now It won’t even read a simple CD.

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I think its possible to recover the Drive. Take a look here, its worth a try.
SDFtool Flasher - Page 23 - www.makemkv.com