LG wh14ns40 Blu ray problem

Problem using LG wh14ns40 with Blu Ray disk.
This rewriter works with DVD’s, I resently tried a Blu Ray disk. Windows explore will not see the BR disk. UN recognized format.
Any suggestions?

Are you using Windows XP operating system? XP does not have native support for UDF 2.5 which is used in blu ray video. You can install UDF Reader in XP. http://www.videohelp.com/tools/UDF-Reader

If you are using another operating system, let us know.

Using XP, so followed link to Video help, Down loaded thdudf.inf, extracted files. then tried to open thdudf.system file. open with. then directs me to search internet from appr. program??
after reboot no change.

The instructions at videohelp say to [I]Right click on thdudf.inf and choose Install[/I]. (it says setup information as the description of the file)

Did you do that?

And if for some reason you can’t get the UDF Reader to work, you can also try the UDF drivers from Toshiba:


Thank you. Now I am able to copy BR to my hard drive as .iso file.
I have been doing ths for years with DVD, No more blank disks, just play using shrink preview from HD.
My problem now is there is no program to play this BR .iso file.

You can mount the ISO in something like Slysoft’s Virtual Clone Drive. It is free to use.

Once mounted, the ISO will play just like it is a disc in an optical drive.

Any of the commercial players will play it from there, and some of the free ones, like Media Player Classic Home Cinema will also, but the free ones don’t have menu support.

Down loaded Virtual clone.I mounted the BR .iso and it created a new virtual drive, but it fails saying Disk not formated and not compatible with windows. I tried an existing dvd.iso and worked ok, just wont open the BR.iso. Also downloaded Media classic, it fails "cant render file"

Then there is something wrong with your blu ray ISO file. The best way to make a blu ray ISO file is to use AnyDVD HD as your decryption program and have it output straight from the disc as an ISO. This assumes you are starting with an encrypted, commercial blu ray movie.

Using AnyDVD HD, you start the program, then right click the fox icon at the bottom right of your screen. This brings up a menu where you select [I]Rip to Image[/I].