LG WH12LS38(K) Rip Speed Unlock Issue



I dumped the main and core firmware using the flasher utility.
I loaded the ‘main_backup.bin’ into and used MCSE to ‘increase’ speed and saved. I flashed the drive using flasher with main_backup_speedpatched.bin and turned the system off and turned the PSU off.

After about a minute or so I turned the PSU back on and started up the system.

Then I ripped a commercial DL DVD that I own with read speed set to MAX, but the max read speed was about 7.9x.

I burned the files to a Verbatim DL with booktype ROM using ImgBrn.

I ripped the copy with read speed set to MAX and the read speed was about 16x.

I am not sure why the rip speed of an original DVD is only about 7.9x. Any suggestions???

Kind Regards