LG WH12LS30 unable to eject, shows as blank drive in explorer after MSCE riplock removal

Based on the results I saw on the thread re:WH12LD30 riplock removal, I upgraded my firmware to 1.01 then I tried flashing the 1.01 riplock removed firmware. After, I couldn’t eject the drive and it shows up as a CD drive in win 7… I flashed back to the LG official 1.01 firmware but it didn’t fix anything. Please help! :sad:

Ok, I flashed back to 1.00 firmware and after power cycling and ejecting the drive while booting it now functions normally, but I would still like to remove riplock, any tips?

Perhaps power cycling after flashing the modified firmware does help.

But if your drive is not officially supported by MCSE, there is a chance that the modified firmware does not work properly due to slight variations of drive or firmware compared to their predecessors.