LG WH10LS30 or BH10LS30...whats the difference?

It seems these 2 drives have the same specs so whats the difference between them?


This is a colour, you´ll see this if you´re locking to the front of drive.

Does not look very white at all

Only difference i see at the Homepage is that the WH10 is RoHS compliant

Can’t be -they all have to be RoHs compliant.

Well my buddy has the WH10LS30 and the front of his is black, so yeah I was also wondering what the difference was. I guess if someone knew the breakdown of LGs model numbers, what each set of numbers mean, that would probably help out a lot.

Hmmm, damn “marketecture”, what’s it good for?!? :slight_smile:

File this under “better late than never” :o :)?
The BH10 and WH10 firmwares are for all intents identical. The WH can be cross-flashed to a BH and back again(done it). It really appears that WH is simply the model # for the commercial market, BH for the consumer market.

Awesome, thanks for sharing!
Then there’s the CH10xxxxxx range isn’t there, what’s it’s difference?


Thanks, I think I’ve got a handle on it all now :wink:
CH10xxx is retail, UH10xxxx is OEM…
BH & WH are both BD writers, UH & CH are combo only.

I have the WH10LS30. It’s black, so far it’s better than my iHES108 in every way. The iHES began ignoring read errors after a measly 10 discs. DVD’s and BD’s alike. I’m very disappointed. The LG smokes the Lite-on in read speed, and does it doing a better job. I sure hope Lite-on is not slipping. One of my best drives was a lite-on. Thankfully, the iHES is under warranty for another 2+ months.
I’ve burned one Verbatim BD LTH disc. Imgburn compared to data on drive and past with flying colors. Unfortunately, LTH discs are not supported by a lot of devices yet :frowning: Apparently somebody has layed their LTH disc in the sun for a few days, and it still played flawlessly :smiley:

Yeah, I just got the LG WH10LS30 (K) and it’s really good sofar… when it drops down to $79.99 (for Christmas, you should buy one) :slight_smile:

We all wish that the media would drop in price, now that they’ve smashed the price cieling of $100 for burners-- it’s time to stop being greedy on the media prices too. A 50gb disc can go anywhere from $6.50 (in volumes) to $20 each-- whereas 25gb single layer for $1? WTF!

just got one of the WH10LS30 drives, and came up great, but only issue is that I cannot seem to locate any drivers for it. I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 bit…and the LG website seems to not be very helpful either.

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you don’t need any drivers since these are part of the operating system.
For certain tasks like BD playback or writing data to a BD disc, you may need 3rd party software (usually comes with the drive).


LG’s WH10LS30 is a very appropriate drive, it will suffice for all your needs, Drivers are not needed as Win 7 has them and the drive was instantly recognized. Have burned DVD movies, and Blu-Rays very fast, Programs for writing to drive are supplied and many others are available, use your best choice. Was very supprised with the quality at the price this unit was offered, paid less than $100 and have not looked back. On media eats everything I put in it, no coasters, for BD-R I picked up 25GB 4x Optical Quantum, and they burn at a much higher speed, oh! what a deal, 10 each for $9.99, I bought 100

I just bought those optical quantums. Hope they do well, and are compatible with player. Reviews were surprisingly good for the price. I’ll probably only burn them at 4X myself though :stuck_out_tongue:

[QUOTE=omegaman7769;2560923]I just bought those optical quantums. Hope they do well, and are compatible with player. Reviews were surprisingly good for the price. I’ll probably only burn them at 4X myself though :p[/QUOTE]
Try 2X. Every Optical Quantum(Philips) I’ve burned in the WH10LS30 from several sources ends up with an UGLY red band of errors past the 19 gig point. Burned at 2X-8X. And a nasty speed drop in the TRT at the end. I worry about the longevity of burns like that. On the up side, $1.00/ea Acro-circle and Merax Optodiscs @4X burn much cleaner with smooth TRT’s. May be a better choice for this drive?

The LTH verbatims burn nicely at 2X(1.30$ recently too). I had no trouble with them. I would prefer to burn at 4X. But you’re probably right. For the sake of longevity, 2X may be the best idea. People have had good luck burning beyond 4X with those Optical quantums. Perhaps not with the LG though eh?

Either the LG or my WD20EARS hard drive doesn’t like burning at 6X though. 2 times now, it quit in the middle of the job. Imgburn reported something more or less like, “the data stopped streaming”. Could be the buffer, could be the hard drive. And given the price of BD media, it makes it difficult to trouble shoot the issue :frowning:

BH10LS30 = supports recordable discs only.
WH10LS30 = supports recordable and rewritable discs.

The only diffference is that the WH is OEM and the BH is Retail. The BH supports BD-RE media just as the WH does.