LG wh10ls30 Blu Ray -- locking up my system / boot loop



Tried a search and the only reasonable result didn’t help much. He’s what’s happening.

I insert a black CD-R into the drive and the computer completely locks up. Only way to fix it is a cold boot. If the disc is still in the drive during boot, I get a boot loop. And it wont boot into windows. I figured I would try a DVD and see what happens. It doesn’t lock up but everything is super slow. Took at least 30 seconds to open the hardware manager. And it doesn’t autoplay to my dvd software. The only thing that does work is the Lightscribe. I successfully made a lable using it.

I’ve tried looking at LG’s website for drivers but I didn’t even see this drive listed. Then I thought I would try a firmware update. Found 1.00-06 here on this website but that is my current firmware. Not sure what to do next.

Windows XP Pro SP3


this also happened to me. conflicting software was the culprit. i had anydvd, dvdfab, roxio, imgburn @ powerdvd installed together as soon as i press the copy button a hard lockup i had to unplug external dvd drive lg wh10ls30 to unfreeze computer. i had to reformat computer:cop: and only install the necessary programs. i can now play and burn blu ray without a problem. reformatting computer should be the last solution. uninstall all dvd software and burning programs and go from there.