LG WH08LS20 Rip lock



Will MCSE speed up just the dvd read speed or both the dvd read speed and blu ray read speed? I read that this drive had riplock on it which limited it to 4.8 speed on dvds, so I was curious as to whether or not it will fix both dvd and blu ray rip speeds…thanks in advance…


one other question…If i flash the drive with MCSE, and a new firmware comes out, will flashing the drive with the new firmware just over write the firmware written by MCSE?


DVD and BD riplock patch is supported for the WH08. If you flash an official firmware, these features are gone again.


i tried the patch with 2.0 firmware, and it seemed that the riplock was not removed…reading a dvd is still very slow…


Post the result of a cdspeed burst rate test.


[19:09:42] Drive: HL-DT-STBD-RE WH08LS20 2.00
[19:09:42] Disc: DVD-ROM, 4.24 GB,
[19:10:17] Starting burst rate test
[19:10:19] Interface burst rate: 41 MB/sec (42321 KB/sec)
[19:10:19] Elapsed Time: 0:02


The burst rate is ok. Post the graph of a transfer rate test.


here is the result


And where is the slow reading you talked about ? Everything is fine with your drive.


maybe its just me…it just seemed slow with some dvds…


Post a TRT of a slow disk. 4:44 to read a SL disk is fast.



Thank you for MCSE and all of the information about using MCSE and FLASHER. I was able to double my TRT speeds on two LG drives (wh12ls30 and wh12ls38) that I have by removing RIPLOCK and re-flashing the drives.