Can anyone tell me which is the best DVDRW out of these two please.


If looked around the forums and theres no much info on the LG writer :confused:

I always use good media,Verbatim are normally the only ones i use.

Any advice greatly appreciated.


Does it have to be external?

I would definitely choose the LG. I have pretty bad impressions on Samsung ODD production and, on the contrary, very good impressions on LG ODD. And I’ve had many, including these two.

why not the new Pioneer drives ?

I would choose the Samsung because it has better quality

Do the LG. I ordered a Samsung once (S183L). It was DOA, so I returned it outright and bought my LG.

The Samsung has a few more features than the LG, like the ability to perform disc quality scans. The results, however, are not reliable. As far as burn quality, LG is exceptional, regardless of the media used. I find that LG really shines with double layer media. The ONLY annoying thing about owning an LG writer is that you must set the booktype, if you care to do so at all, after every restart, which isn’t that big of a deal to me.

I’d go with LG, but it’s up to you. Check out the reviews/forum for scans of the media that you use most often to get a better idea of which will work out best for you.

I don’t have to do this with my drive (H10N)

Had a GSA-E40N for a couple of weeks now (needed external to a Laptop), works great, hasn’t missed a beat, burns to anything from average (Shintaro) to good (Sony) media. Been cutting track day and other video from miniDV camcorder without any problems so far.