LG Voyager



I have a new LG vOyager phone and I am trying to download movies onto the 8gb sd card. I have used different settings on my DVDFAb.
I have converted the movies over to an mpeg 4 format. transfered them over to the phone but I can not get them to play. Anyone have any info to help me out.


do you have any videos on your card which do play correctly?

if so check the specs of the file and set dvdfab the same.

mediainfo and gspot


There is one video that is on the phones internal memory. But it does not even show up on the computer. The only file on the phone is My Music, It is empty. On the sd card it has the same file, I have my mp3’s on there. I put on a file My Videos, Put the movies in there, But they wont work. I had converted the movies over to mpeg4, setting up the formatting that I found from someone else. But they still dont work.

Any other ideas?


i looked at the user guide and didnt see information regarding uploading videos only watching videos with vcast. i also looked at the features card which did not help much either, only says supports resolutions of 320x240, 176x144 (default) and WMV, MP4, 3GP, 3G2 formats.

all i can really say is read over the manual and keep trying different settings. there are cellphone settings that might work if you try different ones. there is one for the LG VX9400, might have similar specs??? just do one chapter at a time so your not waiting forever on the conversions.

keep us informed of any updates.