LG UH12NS40 firmware

Hi! I recently purchased a LG UH12NS40 and I’ve seen some reports that this drive can read UHD disks, but it looks like it only works with firmware 1.00. My drive has 1.01 which does the standard no disk loaded thing all ‘fixed’ drives do. I was wondering if anyone happened to have a copy of the 1.00 firmware I could flash onto the drive? I’ve been looking around but I guess this model wasn’t quite as popular as the NS50 series drives as I’ve been unable to find much on it.

I was also wondering if anyone knows if there’s a good way to tell if the ASUS BC-12D2HT is a rebadged version of this drive? The specs appear to be identical between both models.

You’ve already posted that in other forums and got more than good answers…

I cross flash the UH12NS40 svc. code NS40, with the ASUS Bw16d1ht firmware 3.01 and that’s all I do with that drive.
Works great.

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