LG Super Multi DVD GSA-4164B --Detail Info

LG Super Multi DVD GSA-4164B


1.1 General
(1) Enhanced IDE (ATAPI) interface
(2) Internal Half-height Drive
(3) CD-R/RW, DVD-R / -R DL / RW / +R / +R DL / +RW read and write compatible
CD Family and DVD-ROM read compatible
(4) Buffer Under-run prevention function embedded
(5) 2 MB buffer memory
(6) Power loading and power eject of a disc. Bare media loading
(7) MTBF: 100,000 POH
(8) Vertical and Horizontal installable

1.2 Supported disc formats
(1) Reads data in each DVD-ROM, DVD-R (Ver.1.0, Ver. 2.0 for Authoring)
(2) Reads and writes in each DVD-R (Ver. 2.0 for General), -R DL, -RW,
DVD+R and +R DL (Double layer), +RW
(3) Reads data in each CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, CD-I, Video CD, CD-Extra and CD-Text
(4) Reads data in Photo CD (Single and Multi session )
(5) Reads standard CD-DA
(6) Reads and writes CD-R discs conforming to “Orange Book Part 2”
(7) Reads and writes CD-RW discs conforming to “Orange Book Part 3”

1.3 Supported write method
(1) DVD-R: Disc at Once and Incremental Recording
(2) DVD-R DL : Sequential recording
(3) DVD-RW: Disc at Once, Incremental Recording and Restricted Overwrite
(4) DVD+R: Sequential Recording
(5) DVD+R DL: Sequential Recording
(6) DVD+RW: Random Write
(7) CD-R/RW: Disc at Once, Session at Once, Track at Once and Packet Write

(1) Average access time: DVD-ROM 140ms
(1/3) CD-ROM 120 ms
(2) Write speed:
DVD+R 2.4x, 4x (CLV), 8x (ZCLV), 12x (PCAV), 16x (CAV) DVD+RW 2.4x, 4x (CLV), 8x (ZCLV)
DVD-R 2.x, 4x (CLV), 8x (ZCLV), 12x (PCAV), 16x (CAV)
DVD-RW 2x, 4x (CLV), 6x (ZCLV)
DVD+R DL 2.4x, 4x (CLV), 6x (ZCLV)
CD-R 10x, 16x (CLV), 24x (ZCLV) 32x, 40x (CAV)
CD-RW 4x, 10x, 16x (CLV), 24x, 32x (ZCLV)
(High Speed:8x, 10x . Ultra Speed> 16x)
(3) Read speed:
DVD-ROM 16x max DVD-Video(CSS Compliant Disc) 8x max. (Single/Dual layer) DVD-R/-RW/Double 10x/8x/8x max.
DVD+R/+RW/Double 10x/ 8x/8x max. CD-R/RW/ROM 40x/32x/40xmax. CD-DA (DAE) 40x max.
(4) Sustained Transfer rate: DVD-ROM 22.16 Mbytes/s (16x) max. CD-ROM 6,000 kB/s (40x) max. (5) Burst Transfer rate: Ultra DMA Mode2 Multi word DMA Mode2, PIO Mode 4 (6) Multimedia MPC-3 compliant

it is not a “SuperMulti” drive…not support DVD-RAM.

No dvd-ram supporting drive from LG maybe means no support for it from LG in the future, like the model 4161.

I don’t think so …

maybe this drive for another regieon that not supporting DVD-RAM in the market

As I explained in another thread, “OEM” models are for OEMs. Not us. LG does support such models, but LG will only talk to those OEM buyers. It’s those OEM companies that talk to end users. Users of such OEM models may talk to the companies that sell PCs that have them inside and they will in turn relay the request or complaint to LG. That’s how it works. At least both LG and Samsung develop firmware versions specifically for those OEM buyers like HP and Dell. On LG’s own homepage, they clearly say the firmware download pages are not for OEM models.

I’m not sure why or how 4161/4164 drives are sold in some places but I’m sure they are not for most of us. (4161 and 4164 are not sold in South Korea and they officially don’t exist at all so why take chances when there are plenty of other choices?)

No DVD-RAM features and only “CAV” 16x writing, not “P-CAV” as in GSA-4163B.

But it comes with “DVD-R DL 4x” support!
The drive is made in Korea and it is introducted by an official distributor in Hong Kong. They provide support dor both 4163b and this model too!

How official? Is the company owned by LG Electronics? LG’s Pyoungtaek lines still produce some drives but they account for probably less than 5% of the whole outputs. To be official enough, LG should have the model announced and listed under their own worldwide and home South Korean homepages.

Anyway, the most important thing always is the cost. What’s the price of 4164 in Hong Kong? :slight_smile:

Agree !

After a few days i bought my 4163B, i see this 4164 drive sell in the shop! At first, i was quite sad! but at the second thought, I still prefer 4163b drive…

The 4164 drive is selling at HK$ 420 ~430 in HK. It is in bulk packing.

Is there really a GSA-4164B inside the GSA-2166D? or is it just a mis-lablelled shell?

Does anybody know where to get a firmware update for the LG GSA-4164B DVD Burner (curently using 1.01). This drive is in my new PC and it makes trouble by reading newer DVD-Videos (other Media’s working great, also no probs with burning) , thats the reasson why I bought my a PX-755A as main Burner.

There is one, but only for the GWA (HP) model:

4164 ----------crossflash------------->4166