LG stand alone DVD recorders LRA-516/LRY-517/LRH-518



I just posted the article LG stand alone DVD recorders LRA-516/LRY-517/LRH-518.

  While at the 2005 CES, it was quite  gratifying for us to see that optical storage was found in what seemed to be  nearly every area of the show. The other thing that was obvious, was that the ...
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Me wannahave the DVD+HDD… Although it isn’t to clear if the drive is also recording in DivX, I just would like it to be. :d


Here is info about one more new recorder from LG. It has some sort of built in M$ tech.


Oh, very nice. * quoted * The CPU of the LRM-519 is like that of a personal computer with more powerful processing speeds than other DVR products. It also boasts a 3D comb filter that provides far superior video quality than other DVRs. Another outstanding feature is the USB device input support such as portable HDD, USB memory and card readers which expands the versatility of the product. The significance of this USB input support is that the option of the connecting a portable hard drive offers limitless storage space for users multimedia files.