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Anyone but me having trouble lconnecting to the LG forum?

Not i using FF 2.0 right now.

Iv’e been trying for the past 6 hours, but still nothing…anyone know whats going on? :sad:

Have a read what http://www.ultimate-dvdr.com/chit-chat/2645-cant-log-into-lg-forum.html have to say!!

must just be some of the routings that were down.

I can get back on again so try it and see.

Appears to be ok now.

I think its down again now, I can connect to all my usual haunts but not 1-click

Moved to CD Freaks Forum Talk :wink:

It’s still down at this moment.

The LG DVD Burner forum works fine for me right now.

Its been down since about 6:00 pm eastern time December 22 and as of this writting still down its 6:45 am December 23rd. :eek:

8:50 am, you now get a page from APACHE cPanel on LG’s website.

Strange goings on.

The above should read 7:50 am.

:confused: [B]Why is this thread in the LG Electronics forum ?[/B]

We’re talking about the [B]LG Software Innovations Support Forum[/B]
( [I]you know [/I] … 1ClickDVDCopy )


anyway …
There is a “Problem” :eek: …with the Host Server

  • hopefully , … They’ll get it sorted soon …


No, still down at 9:15 AM Pacific.

I sure wish they would give us advanced warning when its a case of working, updating or maintaining their site.

If its anything else well then I realize its not possible.

This was a situation of the owner of the forum asking for upgrading to be done and something went wrong. This was not anticipated so advanced warning could be given.

FUBAR…Big Time!

[QUOTE=Steve1942]No, still down at 9:15 AM Pacific.[/QUO

Still down 7:30 PM Eastern

You can get better information at
http://www.ultimate-dvdr.com/ These 2 site have thew same webmaster, it is off-topic here. This forum is to discuss the LG Software not the site.