LG RH7x00 HDD file format

Anyone know if the LG RH7x00 HDD partition/file format is a standard format or some sort of home grown effort?

I’ve got around 60GB of avi’s (my whole VHS collection) on my PC that I want to transfer over to the HDD but the copying process is achingly slow. It’s going to take weeks to transfer everything if I just try and copy everything onto DVD-RW first and then copy from that to the DVD Player.

I hope to just whip the HDD drive out, hook it up to my PC and copy everything over. Trouble is, I just know the format of the drive is not going to be FAT32 (HDD Too big) or NTFS (nobody outside of MS uses that format) but it’s entirely possible it may be one of the Linux varieties or some other common format.

So before I pull my player apart, anyone know for sure?