LG RH7800H - Timer recording problem



Hi guys,

hope you can help. I have an LGRH7800H HDD recorder. Everything was working great until the last few days. For some reason now when i record using the timer function, it only records for 4 minutes and then stops every time.

It works fine when recording without the timer, and there is plenty of space on the HDD. Has worked perfectly until now aswell?? Any ideas?

Also is there any firmware which inlcudes support for .mpg files. I know you can rename mpg to avi, but that has caused the machine to stall a few too many times for my linking.

Thanks for any help you can give.


I have got the same behavior when there ist no signal at the selected
input of the recorder. For example, when I forget to switch on the
SAT-receiver, it´s the aux1 at my equipment. Check it out,



thanks for the suggestion carstenhb, but this is when i am recording from analog tv signal source, which is always on.

Since i posted the message, i have noticed that it records fine if i record onto DVD directly, bypassing the HD, and after using the DVD method, recording to the HD will work for a few recording sessions, but then revert back to the 4 minute problem.

Thanks for your help anyway.


I think I’d contact LG support.


Hi Jeff. I’ve had the same problem with my LG HDD recorder (80Gb). Occasionally timer record only records 4 minutes worth for no apparent reason. Did you find a solution to your problem?



As far as I know, the “recording time 4:01 bug” seems to happen when the hard disk is rather full. It can also happen when recording time reaches 44:01.

I read a firmware upgrade fix it. I’ll try to gather more info about it.




Yes, just follow the link below to get the 60126a firmware