LG RH7800 and subtitles

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I would like to know if with LG RH7800 I can watch a divx movie with .txt, .srt or .sub subtitles.

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Yes you can

I bought a LG RHS7550MH dvd recorder. But I am not able to find how to read an Divx movie and load the respective subtitle file (.sub).

Anyone that can help.

  1. Are you using CDs or DVDs for the recorded film?

  2. If DVD, are the subtitle files burned at the same time as the DivX movie, or later as a different session?

Both. I tried CDRW and a DVD-RW. In both case, the files were burn at same time as the DivX movie and in the same session.

In the menu it shows the files, but I was not able to make the this go on as expected… Any tip?

THank you.

I thought you might have a problem with multi-session, which only works on +RW for separate DivX/XviD and subtitles.

Have you had a look for an updated firmware for this recorder? I remember my DVD player (not LG) suddenly became able to have selectable subtitles after a third-party firmware was installed.

I am also trying to find out which sub titles the RH7800 can display. The problem is that the manual basically says thet it should work, but not which formats are supported.

This far I have been able to find out that the machine can indeed display subtitles, but that it is very touchy about the format used (and there are lots and lots of different subtitle formats). Luckily it is very easy to convert between subtitle formats. I have used the program “Subtitle Workshop” from URUSoft. As long as I convert the subtitle files to subrip (.srt) or subviewer1 (.sub) format and place the subtitle file next to the divx file, the subtitles are displayed.

There are some problems though…

  1. There are loads of different subtitle formats that all are stored in .sub files. Most of them do not work at all and the player refuses to do anything with them.
  2. The machine uses the wrong character set, no matter which format I feed it and no matter what settings I make in the config menu. In my case this means that the characters åäöÅÄÖ are displayed erroneously.
  3. The machine does display each subtitle at the correct time, but it does not remove the subtitle until the next one follows. This means that subtitles lingers on during silent portions of the film.

My RH7800 can play divx/xvid files with subtitles. I have confirmed this by using .srt files. The only bit of advice I can offer is to make sure that both your .avi and your .srt have the EXACT same name (eg. my_movie.avi and my_movie.srt)

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