LG RH7796W Time Slip Function Disappeared

I have an LG RH7796W, all was working fine, except that, once the HDD was filling up, the timer record function cut out after 4 minutes of recording. To solve this, I have installed LG’s firmware update, LG_HDR_UPDATE.004 So far the unit appears to be working fine… except the time slip function isn’t working. Time shift is OK.
Before the firmware update, if I pressed the record button, the unit would record to the HDD. Then, after a while, if I pressed play, time slip would cut in and I would view the start of the recording while the unit continues to record. After the firmware update, when I press play (during recording), the unit starts to play the last completely recorded title.
Additionally, before the update, during recording, I would be able to see the current recording in the title list, represented as a black screen with a red record symbol. After the firmware update the current recording cannot be seen.

Has anyone any idea why this has happened, and more importantly if I can get it to work again.


Unfortunally exactly same thing happened here. Same 4 minute bug, successfully solved with mentioned firmware, and same time slip function which disappeared. Furious :a. It’s obviously firmware bug.
Does anyone know where can i find some previous firmware, lg rhs 7750 mh? I’d be grateful