Lg rh7521w

Anyone got a region hack for this machine please?


  1. Open tray.

  2. Press “0” on the remote seven times.

  3. When message pops up, press <Enter>

I gave this a try… i did as follows…

turned machine on
opened tray
pressed ‘0’ key on remote seven times

no message popped up though?

was i doing it too fast/slow? does the machine have to be in a particular mode?



try this
press setup
scroll to lock (do not press enter just highlight it)
press 0 seven times
should have the pop up message this time

Another way to do this is to put in a DVD of the wrong region (i.e. not the region it is ‘locked’ to). After a short while the unit will reject the disc, open the tray.

Now press ‘0’ button seven times - you get the pop-up message then!

Can anyone tell me how to dub stored HDD JPGS from LG RH7521W onto a DVD disc media?

OK uploading from Camera source to HDD but cannot work out how to DUB, similar to the Video function?