LG RH7521W HDD to DVD dubbing problem

Had two RH7521W’s in the house for a while now, with no problems, till just recently. One was moved and unplugged in the process, and once it was reconnected, it had developed a problem with HDD to DVD dubbing.

Recording at SQ, it should be possible to get 2 hours of footage on a brand new dvd. In the past, I’ve been able to fit four clips, each just under half an hour, onto a disc with no problems. Now, after the first one is finished, the dvd is marked as having no free space left. As soon as I try to add another track, it gives me an error asking for another disc.

I HAD assumed it was happening because of a setting we’d changed while it was plugged in, that had been reset to default when the machine was unplugged and moved, except that last night, the OTHER machine developed the same problem.

Unless the spindle of discs we bought is randomly scattered with faulty discs, it’s not them, because while I had the problem in the first machine, the second one was working perfectly with the same discs.

It’s not a quality/disc time issue because I know I’m recording on the right quality level and even if I had it accidentally set to the highest quality, I should be able to get more than half an hour on the disc.

And I’m pretty certain it’s not a randomly reset setting somewhere in the machine that I can’t find, because I was copying multiple tracks on each disc on the second machine in the last few days, and made no changes to any settings between the last time it worked, and the first time it failed.

Any ideas? It’s driving me crazy, I’ve got less than a week before I go away for a month and I wanted to clear as much space on the hard drive before I go so I could leave it set to do a stack of timer recordings, and at this point, merging tracks and dubbing them to disc as single tracks (which is going to require re-dubbing back to the hard drive, re-splitting and trying to get them to disc as properly formatted tracks later) is starting to look like the only way I’m going to get this sorted in time.

Any help would be really appreciated.