LG RH7500 Problem - cant playable!

Hi guys / girls

Need some information , just purchased myself the LG rh7500 most things work fine and progressive scan is fantastic.Its paired up with the LG RZ37 lcd tv HD Ready and the XD Engine thingy.
My problem is trying to play Divx files / or HiDef files it keeps popping up ‘‘cant playable’’ video size larger than 720x576 ! It reads them ok and can see them fine but will not play them.
Most Divx / hidef demos and Tv series etc are greater than 720x576 which are readily available all over the place - its so frustrating that i have just shelled out £250 without this information being noted on the sales front end of the Box.

Contacted LG TO see if there are any firmware upgrades / and or explanations why.
will let you know.

Anyone else having this concern ?

Well it said that in the manual, don’t think any DVD recorders would be able to play large high resolution files (reckon MPEG decoder chips would be specced for that maximum res otherwise they would sell them as hi-def chips!). At least you have progressive working, doesn’t work on my Sony LCD projection TV.