LG RH7500 - No Tuner, No Sound

Have an LG RH7500 HDD DVD Recorder since 2007. Was finished watching a recording off the HDD when all of a sudden the tuner went for both receiving aerial and satellite. It will play a DVD and the recorded programmes on the HD–but with no sound.

I have done the following with no joy:

[li]Unplugged power
[/li][li]Checked all connections
[/li][li]Changed the scart leads
[/li][li]Checked aerial (works when directly in TV)
[/li][li]Rescanned for channels
[/li][li]Swapped HD

Three questions:

[li]Is this thing toast or is there anything left I can do?
[/li][li]How do I get the recordings off the hard drive? My PC isn’t recognising the drive, and I don’t know what format the recordings are in.
[/li][li]Does anyone have the 60126A firmware update? All the links I find in Google are broken.