LG RH7500 - exact depth?

Hello all!

I’m about to buy LG RH7500 but I’ve seen on some photos that fan chassis juts on the back side and I’m wandering how much?
(it’s the lack of space in my tv stand that concernes me - the depth specified in a manual is 35cm so I wonder is the fan chassis included in that measure or I must add some extra cms)

Please could someone of you LG RH7500 owners measure the exact depth of the unit for me? (from the front side to the end of the fan chassis)

Thanks in advance!


Hi Max23
I’ve looked at my RH 7500 and your right the measurement doesn’t take into account the fan or the scart leads.
The scart leads stick out more than the fan housing so just add clearance for them on top of quoted depth.
Sorry for the delay in replying just come across your post.
Also welcome to the forum.