LG - RH1999H - Time Recording Fault

Hello Guys,

I have an LG RH1999H dvd/hdd recorder for some time now. However, lately it has been playing up a little.

When i set a timed recording, Start a certain time and end at a specific time, the recorder will start but will not stop at the specified time. It will go on recording. This has happened a few times already and the sad part is, the recording cannot be stopped as everything is stored in a buffer before it is copied to hdd. In order to stop the recording, the Power Switch has to be pressed, which turns the machine off, and yes, everything in the buffer is erased.

I thought this was an isolated case, but 2 of my friends are now experiencing the same problem.

Anyone out there has had the same problem and has a fix ? :rolleyes:

Hi There Folks

I have the laser replaced of my LG RH1999H DVD Recorder. It’s still giving me the same %$*I< problem.

I set the timer record and it does not even detect the timer recording. If it does record, only records for like 5seconds then the unit just powers down.

Also, when it records the time display counts up to 20:00 then jumps to 9:00 then back up then counts down by 1 second then just powers down for no reason.

When I had the laser replaced the technician told me that there was nothing wrong with the DVD and the Hard drive and that it was still working fine.

I think its time I rather just cut my losses and get a new machine.

How do you guys feel about the Model: RH387 and the Model: RH399. Please advise before I purchase this.