LG RH1999H - Can't play the video is larger than 720 x 576

Hi Guys,

This is my first post and I know these forums are the best source of information, so, I was attempting to play a couple of TV programs and the player came up with the above statement and I was wondering is there any way to hack the player to allow it to play/accept these files?

This would make the player so much better.

Thanking you in advance, for any help.

You can not convert an SD-Recorder to a HD-Player by a simple hack.

Playback of HD-content ( larger than 720x576) requires a totally different hardware.

You may need a new codec (new codecs come out all the time, if you have a video that needs a new codec you don’t have, the video wont play or wont play properly). OR you may need a specialized video player (you may not have the player needed to play that type of file). For a huge set of codec’s, hard to find media players, video editors, video and audio tools (including a tool to check codec’s needed to play a file) etc go to www.discmaster.info or www.diskmaster.info.
Good Luck.