Lg Rh177 - Loader Problem?

Hi everybody,

Can anybody help me ? I have an LG RH177 and the loader (DVD ROM) will not play anything at all. Have tried cleaning the lens etc but nothing works. Therefore i need to change the loader, have been in contact with LG who have told me the location of spare parts for the job.But, they come with a mighty price tag- £70 !
What i need to know is, are there any compatable loaders that will fit this unit, or do i have to use LG ?
Plus if i manage to locate something is it easy enough to install , do i need any updates to the unit ?
I assume other people have experienced the same problem and i hope have found a solution .

Please , any help would be really appreciated

Thanks Rob

Hi rob,
i have an RH177 dvd-hdd recorder and my dvd burner packed up, I have fitted the internal parts from a GSA H10A burner to the existing drive as per conversion instructions from ifndef.altervista.org. I have set the jumper setting to cable select and my recorder now works perfectly indeed faster that it previously was, the techies on altervista say that they have heard that this drive does work but have not tested it. This is to confirm that this drive does indeed work with no firmware or software changes. Good luck if you still have your recorder and want to repair it they are basically a very good machine

regards cliverm