LG RH-7500 to PC DVD+RW file problems


I having trouble moving mp3 files to my LG RH-7500 using DVD+RW formatted by Nero INCD. The on-screen message says ‘no music files on the disc’. Using dvd-r’s works fine. Are there any known problems with udf dvd+rw’s made with INCD?

INCD version
Set to format in udf version 1.5 (reccommended)

Equally using a dvd+rw disc in my pc that was auto-formatted by the rh7500 is not working. INCD does not seem to recognise that the disc a dvd+rw. When i try to copy stuff in explorer on to the disk by dragging and dropping, the files appear under the heading ‘files ready to be copied to the disc.’ INCD does not kick in to copy files as it would automatically do with dvd+rw discs it had formatted itself.

Is there an answer to this?

cheers for any help.

Packet-writing software such as INCD is not compatible with normal methods of storing data on CD/DVD.

The transfer should work if you just burn the .mp3 files to the +RW disk on the PC using the conventional Nero process (ie without formatting the disc for INCD).

Thanks for the reply.
What do you mean by ‘normal methods of storing data on CD/DVD’? dvr-r and dvd+r? I am aware that they can be used. I am trying to use a dvd+rw disc using UDF packet writing.
The rh7500 is supposed to be able to read dvd+rw packet written discs. Are you telling me that this is not so?

Sorry - I missed the sentence in your first post which said that packet-writing transfer with the LG was working with DVD-R discs.

Packet-writing is not the way that data storage was first worked out on CD/DVD. Simplistically, the original DVD specification is for ‘Disc At Once’ (DAO) and specifies that all files are burned in a single session (whether on +R, -R, +RW or -RW). It is this latter method that I’m referring to as “normal”, and the method you could try with the +RW discs to get round the problems you are having.

Personally I would not try using ANY packet-writing software where DVDs, recorders and PC burners are involved. There are many incompatibilities between InCD and the Adaptec DirectCD, and these programs can interfere with the general reliability of the conventional burning process. I seem to read of nothing but trouble whenever packet-writing software is mentioned, and the usual advice is to avoid its use, and to uninstall it.

If it will read packet-written -R then there’s no reason why it shouldn’t read packet-written +RW, and it may be that you are experiencing the upredictable nature of its ‘compatibility’.

In the case where you are formatting the +RW in the LG first, this is unlikely to be doing this in the special format required for packet writing. Thus your PC is correctly trying to record onto it by DAO, rather than the packet method.

Is your PC DVD drive setting the booktype to DVD-ROM? This might confuse the LG.

I was not clear in my first post. When I use dvd-r or +r media the method of writing is DAO. That works fine. When I use dvd+rw’s the method I try to use is packet writing. I wished to use packet writing as i thought that it would be the most convenient way to utilize dvd+rw disks to transfer stuff between the pc and rh7500. I also believed that the rh-7500 was capable of reading them, however now I am not so sure. I am expecting a call back from LG tech support on Monday regarding this.

Anyway it has occured to me that, as you suggested, using multi-session DAO writing in Nero is probably just as good as the dvd-rw can be erased and used again when full.

As for bit setting, I have a Benq DW1620 Pro and think that it is probably doing it. It’s quite a while since I set it up and can’t remember how to access that setting.

Thanks for the help.

OK that’s fine and seems to explain what’s happening. It would be of interest to hear what the LG people say.

Don’t forget to uninstall the InCD stuff before burning @ DAO ;).

BTW the official BenQ BookType_Management software will enable/disable the bitsetting options for the 1620 Pro.