LG release the GSA-4163B in USA


Go and check it out

“Warranty - 1-Year” ??
LG gives two years everywhere… probably

No, it’s one year in South Korea. It’s 2 years perhaps only in Europe and in some other places, but most places have only 1 year warranty.

Wow. It’s just 79 USD. Though it’s still a bit more expensive than BenQ DW1620 and NEC ND-3500A, it’s a great price considering it’s the first-time offer for the most completely featured ODD ever. GSA-4160B (domestic retail version) in South Korea costs a lot more. :sad:

Nice price. :iagree:

It’s 1 year warranty in Singapore too.

Here in Germany we have 2 year waranty on all pc things :iagree:
My LG GSA 4163B had cost 86€

Since 2002, in European Union law establish 2 Years warranty for all consumer products :cop:

Sometimes producers declare only one year warranty, :a but they must warrant 2 Years!!
However LG, in Italy, declares “at least 2 Years warranty” on every products :iagree:

The best price I found today in Italy for GSA-4163B is around 74€


Hi-Tech products are becoming cheaper in Europe, because of the strenght of Euro vs Dollar (74€ is a very low price in Italy for a new good dvd-writer)


Nice Find… Looks like payday i’m gonna have to pick this one up. I was really pushing towards the 4160B at Sam’s club, but after looking at the performance of the 4163B i just can’t resist.

I just order GSA-4163B with 25 pack of dvd-r 4x

its for my friend but I could test it

Is GSA-4163B support book type setting on DVD SL??

I can’t find that infomation


I just found another site that sells GSA-4163B

check the various 4163 threads.
for instance:

For DVD+R DL, DVD+R SL, yes, but not for DVD+RW.

Thanks for reply

But I usually use DVD-RW/+RW

Oh welll

I will try to send email to LG Korea and tell them about +rw book type setting

That’ll be good. LG will listen to only customers. The more, the better. :slight_smile:

Regarding warranties in the USA: Almost all drives only have a 1 year warranty. The exception might be the Mad Dog MD-16XDVD9 (NEC 3500A rebadge) , which comes with a 2 year warranty :).

Regarding the LG GSA-4163B: I’ve never seen any rebadges? Any chance that some other companies will rebadge 4163B drives?? Or does LG not participate in this sort of thing typically?

There are rebadges of LG drives in Japan.

Yeah, I’ve seen those TwoDegrees. :slight_smile:
How about USA?

Can’t say I’ve ever heard of any LG rebadges in the USA :frowning:

Not me either. I can only guess it’s because LG’s strong at the retail distribution in the US market. IO DATA and Buffalo rebadge drives in Japan regardless of what Pioneer, NEC, Sony, Toshiba, LG, Samsung do for their OEM and retail distributions.