LG Rebate almost disappearing into thin air



I am moving to another city end of the month. Yet there is no sign of the LG Rebate I applied months ago. I check various rebate tracking sites…yet, I cannot get them to show up this particular rebate.

Finally, I am realizing LG made a false promise of $30 rebate for purchasing the drive.

Anyone in similar circumstance?

Any info on how to track that rebate and change address will be appreciated.

Thank you.



Rebates aren’t popular in Europe - the retailer has to list the upfront cash price (inclusive of all tax) so rebates don’t look so attractive.

Sorry I can’t help :slight_smile:


I have never seen any rebates in the UK either buying online or offline, it seems that rebates are US only thing where as in the UK special deals are dont on hardware etc e.g. 30% off or whatever, dont understand why they just dont do that in the US it would be easier instead of having to apply for a rebate.


I don’t understand the situation with rebates in the US. Why can’t they just knock the price off properly like in Europe?


Because that know the x% of people won’t actually send in the rebate and another y% will mess it up. If they knock the price off at the register, everyone gets the discount.

Rebates really are a good thing for those that follow through correctly. If the discount were given at the register, it would be smaller than what you get with the rebate and the items would sell out much quicker with the rebate out of the equation.


I am living in Canada and did get my postal rebate within 4 weeks. :slight_smile:

Therefore, rebates are not US only thing but apparently a North-America thing. :wink:

Like Neo1918 have said: Rebates really are a good thing for those that follow through correctly. Therefore I would suggest you to resend your demand (hope that you have made photocopies of what you originally sent them… I always do that in case)…


Here are my success and unsuccess with the rebate thing:

  1. Netgear Rebate for a router, bought at Futureshop…got the $50 rebate after about 4 weeks.

  2. Kesington USB Drive, bought at Futureshop…got the rebate of $20 after around 4 weeks. I actually bought two…but got the rebate for only 1.

  3. FugiFilm Finepix camera…bought at RadioShack…did not get the rebate of $25…radioshack blames the sales person who does not work there anymore.

  4. Two 200 GB HD from Tiger Direct. The rebate expired before the shipped item reached me…so I could not get the deal.

  5. Presently…the LG Drive…I think I may not get the $30 rebate.

Now, I get real sick of this whole rebate thing and it is not so attractive anymore. I am happy when I get the instant rebate (recently on a logitech MX 500 mouse). I got the mouse for around $20.


It just seems so stressful - rebates expiring / not honoured / lost in post.

I prefere cheaper prices at the till.


Same. From what people have mentioned, it seems with the usual discounts at least you know what you’re getting, rebates don’t seem to be the case so much.


Buy the LG from Futureshop? Try calling 1-888-472-7386.


LG offering rebate… unfamiliar even though LG operates in North America, too.


Well, unfortunately that’s how big box electronics retailing in North America likes to operate. I don’t like rebates but that’s the way it is here. For the record, I’m also having problems getting a rebate for by 4163 too (also from Futureshop).