LG, Panasonic go head-to-head in Blu-ray battle

I just posted the article LG, Panasonic go head-to-head in Blu-ray battle.

Although Blu-ray dominated the high-definition content war against HD DVD earlier in the year, becoming prosperous has been far from easy for Blu-ray supporters. High prices have scared…

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Actually the Panasonic BD 35K sells for $299.
Even less right now on Amazon actually.

I wonder why all these Blu-Ray news, here on cdfreaks, are constantly mentioning that the global economy is in shambles, etc, etc? Isn’t it true for everything?

Everytime there’s a new Blu-Ray product announcement, a drop in price, whatever, there goes the cdfreaks motto:

  1. Blu-Ray won the war againt HD-DVD but, despite that, it is in trouble.

  2. Blu-Ray is even more in trouble because of the poor little global economy.

  3. If manufacturers are dropping prices this surely means they are desperate. Of course if the same thing happens on other products it’s normal.

It’s like a broken record, really. :rolleyes:

@ johnzap

Because the economy is in shambles. Period.

  1. Yes, Blu-ray did win. However, not everyone sees hi-def (720/1080) as a necessity. People watch movies for the story, not necessarily to see the clarity of wrinkles on the actors’ faces.

  2. Blu-ray is seen as a luxury item to many consumers. People tend not to purchase luxury items during a recession. Maybe this isn’t a recession and we’ll bounce out of it almost as quickly as we bounced in, but right now people are unsure what the next 12 months has in store for us.

  3. Technology prices drop. That’s a fact. However, Blu-ray isn’t selling as well as they had hoped and, therefore, it’s percieved that prices are falling unusually fast.

People here state their opinions. We may not agree with each other, and that’s fine, but please don’t complain that it’s a broken record. If you don’t care to know our opinions then don’t read them.