LG or Samsung DVD burner?

I am in the market for an upgrade and I am debating between LG-GSA H55LI or Samsung- S202G…
I don’t particularly care for Lightscribe…Makes no diff whether or not any drive has it.

Please give me your feedback along with suggestions on best way to go for either an 18x or 20x LG or Samsung.

Thanks and looking to read your comments.

Imho the LG H55 is not a good drive, the Renesas line are at the moment the better LGs. The H44 is a near perfect burner. Pioneer 112 could als worth a consideration if DL burning is very important.

I have both a H44N and a Samsung SH-S203B. The Samsung is ok but I would clearly favor the LG, less noise, overall better burns with less jitter and with a wider range of media.

Do not know about LGs.

Went through few burners recently (NEC, LiteOn, Samsung). Got 202G. It is the best so far I’ve seen. Everyone is going crazy about Samsung 203B (SATA). I am getting similar results with OEM 202G from Newegg. Very happy with it. NECs are the worst (go figure - I loved NEC drives before, not anymore).

Good luck.

I have read of a few bugs with Samsung so I don’t have one. I would agree with BurningFish and go with the LG 44 or the Pioneer 111 or 112.

go read the samsung review on the front page

currently its the best dvd burner out there. Making the choice quite easy. Go get the samsung and never look back.

Welcome to CDF’s:

If SATA then out of my drives i would pick the LG H62L or the Sammy S203B. I like them both. Problem: If you need to bitset/booktype your +R discs then neither does out of the box.

If IDE then i would go with the Lite-On LH-20A1P or the LG GSA H42N or LG GSA H44N. The Lite-On will bitset/booktype out of the box and the LG’s will NOT.

These are my experiences with my machines and drives personally. I have not had good luck with Pioneers.

You’re wright for the H42, as H44 the LG does Bitsetting with factory firmware. One time bitsetting is enough and the H44 burns always with Bitsetting.

If you trust the review yes, my own experience with the Samsung are not quite as enthusiastic. It’s a good drive but the LG H44N is the better burner, less noise, better jitter and no speedproblems which the Samsung has with some mids.

I stand corrected :clap:

I do not have need for bitsetting so…

What’s a better choice then between LG-GSAH50N and Pioneer DVR-112?
And why?

The pioneer 112d cannot do quality scan
reads dvd at 12x
it is quiet
I do not know about lg since I don’t have one and will not be buying one in the future as I already have 4 other brands to play with :smiley: