LG or LiteOn DVD Burner

Trying to decide between a LG GSA-H42LBRL and a Liteon LH-20A1H. My Plextor 708A is dying on me.
Any advice?

What media are you burning?

DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, DVD+/-R DL, CD-RW and CD-R. So most things; I don’t really care about the LightScribe though I might at some point.
It seems like they are more or less the same, but who makes the better drive?

I think [B]Dalen Quaice[/B] refer to the brand of the media.
Anyway Liteon LH-20A1H would be a better choice in your case.

IMO the LG is by a mile the better drive. :iagree::iagree::iagree: The only down point is its CD writing strategys. They seriously need to be improved. But on DVD write performance the LG flattens the lite-on. For speed and producing quality burns. Sure the lite-on is very fast but the qualtiy is far lower than an exceptable burn. LG H42L all the way in my book. :bigsmile:

My choice would be the LG GSA-H42L. But keep in my mind: No quality scan with LGs! Great quality scan with LiteOns. Why not a PX-755A or a DVR-112?

I’ve got both H42N and 20A1h. My H42N is still sitting around doing not much of anything. 20A1h does everything except clean up my room. People who still think Liteon are crap drives haven’t been keeping up with the times; that moniker has been undeserved since the 1673s/1635s transition (as in when 1673s finally had mature f/w and 1635s was being introduced). The only knock I have against Liteon is their inability to ship new generation drives with quality firmware.

But what about the new LiteOn ejecting spinning discs, which has been reported here?

I’m sure it happens, and that’s probably cuz Liteon’s QC department is run by drunk monkeys. (ok I lied, but they do have some QC issues but all my liteon drives seem to be relatively ok). However none of my liteon drives ever exhibited that problem so I can’t comment on that.

As an owner of both drives, I’d opt for the 20A1H if you consider ODD usage a hobby of yours at all. The H42N/L, while a solid burner, isn’t as fun to mess around with. The 20A1P/H has SmartBurn, OverSpeed, HyperTuning, and Online HyperTuning along with accurate disc quality scanning, better error correction, and faster ripping. LiteOn is also very good about updating their firmwares whereas LG is piss poor in this department. Codeguys is also kind enough to patch our LiteOn firmwares for FastBurn (higher RPM) and Enhanced OverSpeed.

Oh yeah, the LG support page will nauseate you too.

While the 20A1P/H may not be the best writer, it burns very well. Check out the disc quality scans in the LiteOn forum; dependent upon the MID and HyperTuning settings, a lot are even better than the H42N.