LG? or BenQ? or BTC

Hi all

I need some help here.

I can get one of the 3 drives here.

My choice is:

LG - 12X 4120b drive (internal)
BenQ - 16X (Internal) - Not sure which model it is
BTC - 16X - 1016im (internal)

My reason’s for each are:

LG -I like - I like the LG brand - I think it is high quality (just my opinion)
-I don’t like-Only 12X - A bit outdated. I would like a black face plate - can’t get one

BenQ -I like - From the Acer brand - A good brand - BenQ is a liked brand. 16X
-I don’t like-Again I can’t get a black face plate.

BTC -I like-I can get a black face plate, 16X, 4X DL
-I don’t like- Nobody thinks BTC is the best
The choice must be based on the following things

  1. Writing quality to DVD+R media (Very important)
  2. Writing quality to other DVD Media
  3. Speed (Only moderately important) (Genuine 12X is fine)
  4. Overclocking Disks SUCCESSFULLY (with respect to write quality) - Currently I am using BenQ (Daxon) +R media
  5. Reasonable write quality to el-cheapo media (modeately important)
  6. Good (and often) firmware updates
  7. 99.9% chance of getting a successful firmware update
  8. No coasters

Thanks for your opinion

PS. Once you have voted, please give your reason for choosing

What’s wrong with the LG GSA-4163?

It is not yet available where I stay

you can still get a 4120b??? mine crapped out on me and they replaced it with a 4160b, which does not support bitsetting. i have a dw1620 benq and nothing writes +r better, plus it also bitsets +r to rom, which i must have. unless you need dvd-ram i would go with the benq.

Is the BenQ’s write quality like FANTASTIC??

I voted benq because I have 1016im and think that the benq is better. The btc 1016 isn’t horrible, just not the best. Also I didn’t choose lg because it’s a 12x.

Here’s a dvd movie quality scan for my 1016im.

Wow! :open_mouth: - And Verbatim? Are they good?

Here is Verbitaim -R 4x (pretty good media) with the BenQ 1620 (burned at 4x), some people say it is only good with +R media, but its the best -R I have ever seen.

(in comparison, my NEC 3500 got PI Errors around 30, and my Lite-On 812S got PI Errors of around 50)

So far there is NOTHING I can say bad about my BenQ, and out of my 4 DVD burners, it is my “normal” one (I use it for normal backups etc, the others I use just for testing) :bigsmile:

Go for the BenQ!!

Sounds like BenQ is the choice for you - it is more oriented to overspeeding (with non-hacked firmware) than other drives.

You can definitely get black versions of both the BenQ 1620 and the LG 4163.

Here… :wink:

i know they make them, but where I stay again I can’t unfortunately :frowning:

Thanks all for your comments and help.

BenQ it seems it will be, more comments votes still welcome

There are exellent reviews on the mainpage (great help to find the right), if I had to decide between the three drives, I would go for the BenQ.

check out the reviews

I also could not get the black version, and had to get the white OEM, but thanks to (one very kind :bow: ) CDFreak who sent me a black bezel there isnt a problem.

There is little doubt that you should go for the BenQ

Ben :slight_smile:

That is lucky u got a black one :slight_smile:


Edit: I have found that the benq i can get is a DW1610. I was hoping for a DW1620. What are the main differences and can the DW1610 be flashed to 1620?



No You Can Flash Dw1600 To Dw1620.
Dw1610 Has Different Hardware.

What are the actual differences between the DW1610 and DW1600 or DW1620?

Thanks for the replies

I’d say either get the BenQ DW1620A (You can get the Nu Technology DDW-163 which is a BenQ DW1620 at Newegg for around $62 and it comes in a black face plate and can be cross-flashed to a real BenQ.) or NEC ND-3500AG. You can’t find the 3500AG on Newegg anymore since all they have is the 3520 and I don’t know if I could really recommend the 3520 since it still looks like an iffy drive and is apparently completely different hardware wise then the 3500. I love both my NEC and BenQ equally. The BenQ is an awesome reader, writes very well to DVD+R media (it’s most preferred media), and can do disc quality scans which I think is a plus. The NEC has some drawbacks in that it isn’t as good of a reader and can’t do disc quality scans but with Liggy & Dee’s v2b4 firmware it’s just such an awesome writer. Almost back up on par with the 2500A in my opinion in that respect. :wink: