LG ODD Online Firmware Update



Hello everybody!

I am not sure if it is new findings. I read from a local magazine that an online firmware update tool for LG drives can be downloaded from:


which supports writers from 4081B to the latest 5163D.

I did get it and tried it. All way through the installation and execution, the program messages were in English. It showed that my 4082B was supported. But then to a point of online checking, it returned a message in words that I couldn’t read, which I guess were in Korean. :confused: I am not sure if it was telling me that there was no new firmware available yet (since A208 already installed) or something else.

Anyway, it will be a useful piece of tool for us the LG drive owners if it works as stated.


I have removed it, I don’t like alerts that I cannot understand - what if it asks me if it is OK to format my hard drive? LG really should pay more attention to the part of the world that doesn’t speak Korean.


g’day i just thought i would a my two cents worth.
i downloadad and installed the lg odd updater and it found and installed firmware version A104 on my 4163b . everything was in english and all seems hunky dory so far.


Wait a few days… then you’ll see what we mean.


I also felt uncomfortable about the prompt which I couldn’t read. I hope LG can fix it soon. Live firmware update/notification will be useful and convenient.

By the way, when will be the 4165B coming out? I just can’t wait to get one! :cool:


I used the Firmware update to update to A104, but why in god’s name would ANYONE leave software like this running memory resident after they upgrade ? All these hardware and software companies that want you to keep running updaters like this 24/7 for updates that generally will occur 2-4x per year max are simply nuts, the only people crazier than those who design such software are those who leave it running…


Spybot SD Resident keeps reporting registry changes upon startup for the LG online update utility, even after I removed it. I can not find any related items in the registry. Weird.


I missed this thread before.

The message’s in Korean because it’s like a beta version for South Korean customers only.

http://www.lge.co.kr is only for South Korean domestic users.

When LG is ready to release in English, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, and other languages, it will be probably after fixing a few bugs and inconveniences. Don’t install it yet but for tests of the program itself.


I just picked up an LG GSA-4166B Drive. It comes bundled with some software, the the ODD Online Firmware Update software tries to connect, then it pops up a message saying, “Run-Time error ‘7’: Out of memory”.

This cannot be true, as I have a P4 system with 1.024 GB RAM, running XP SP2 (all up to date), 250GB SATA HD, etc.

The firmware in the drive is version 1.0 – does anyone know of anything newer, or how to back up the firmware that is there?


Yes, 1.01 here : http://www.cdrinfo.com/forum/tm.asp?m=123139

[EDIT] I see you’re already there :slight_smile:


I think the ODD online firmware update is probably buggy. Other people have reported the same problem.


Well, many of us have/had negative experience with the LG ODD Online Firmware Update. I would recommend uninstalling it. It is much better to check the official site time to time for an update. And much more safer, btw.