LG ODD Auto Firmware Update Program




I don’t know yet whether this program is released in which language beside Korean. It works well with my GSA-5163D detecting that it had 1.03 firmware when the latest firmware version on LG server is 1.04. A minor bug I found is that the program asked to remove disks not just in GSA-5163D but also in BenQ DW1620 connected on Secondary Slave port. The current program version is 1.01.0509.01.


I removed the LG auto firmware updater (after I used it to update my 4163 to A104), because it kept popping up alerts that I did not understand, so I did not know what it was saying or asking me to confirm.


Did you install the one from the link above? That one’s in Korean. I don’t know if there are other language versions. The KR version was posted on LG site on April 6. The popup was probably prompting you to choose one of the three options like these:

1. Let me know but do nothing
2. Download firmware automatically and ask me to install it or not
3. Download and install automatically at this time (everyday, 03:00)


Yes, that must be it, I have a directory Opendata on my hd, dated 6-4-2005. So that popup was in Korean?
Thanks for the info. I think I will just check here for any new fw’s. :slight_smile:


If you installed the program from that link above, the popup messages must have been in Korean. Maybe the program was first released in the Korean language to see the market response before fixing some bugs and releasing in more languages.


Is it a good idea to use the auto-updater the DVD burner seems to be working fine?


There are pros and cons. Newer firmware usually brings with it support for new types of media, improves burn quality or fixes some bugs. It is usually good to update the firmware if you can but if you aren’t experiencing problems with the writer and don’t like frequently upgrading things in general, it is ok to just not run the auto updater.

In the past the auto updater tends to bring in new versions of firmware which LG has not released on their service websites yet. So for the sort of person who always has to have his system up to date in every way, using it is probably a good thing.

However, the auto update program had lots of bugs itself in the past. It wouldn’t run on systems with Windows XP SP2 (it just crashed with a cryptic error) and didn’t work correctly on systems running Windows 2K SP4 (could not find any updates at all for any drive, ever). So I would generally dissuade people from using it. LG has just released a new version of the auto update program though, so that may have fixed these problems.