Lg model gh22n30 dvd+rw22x16 dvd-rw

:a Everytime I try to burn a disc from a vhs-dvd video converter my dvd changes to a cd player. When I look at its designation on “my computer” after the burn fails the DVD has changed to a cd player. A friend that brns copyright discs also has this problem with his LG dvd burner. I use Vid box for the vhs-dvd converts and Nero (latest version) for the burns.

Is there something built into these “secure disc dvd burners” to prevent naughty use ?? This is a jober Dvd burner with a lg label. LG is of no help on this issue. They blame the vid box…
thanks for the reply

This is a Windows problem, nothing to worry about. As long as the disc(s) play fine in the machine, you’re good to go.