Lg model GH20LP20--any info?

I need some help guys. My lite-on is dead, and I need a new DVD drive. I was hoping to pick one up at my local Best Buy. The problem is that I can’t afford this right now. I just bought a new monitor, as my old monitor also just gave up on me, and I have no money for this to be happening now. So I want to find a good drive at a cheap price (is that possible?). Even $70 would hurt right now. I found a model this week on sale at BB for $35 (reg $55) - the LG GH20LP20. But I can’t find out anything about it. Is anybody familiar with it? There seems to be no professional reviews on it, and I can’t find it mentioned here. I don’t care too much about burn speed, though ripping speed is pretty important. I am most concerned about burning high quality DVD discs. I always use Verbatim discs. And I want to be able to run reliable quality scans using CD/DVDspeed. Am I asking too much? Is this model a clone of some other brand? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Follow-up. My mistake–Best Buy’s website lists the product as GH20LP20. After looking at the box image, I see it is actually just GH20. No wonder I couldn’t find out anything on it! So, any opinions on this model? I guess it’s an older drive, but they list it on their site, and claims to be in stock at my local BB.

Just learned that LG drives don’t support quality scan. Now I’m sad. That rules this one out.

I got this drive for 39 bucks at best buy its a good deal and the lightscribe is great… I couldn’t find any info on it either but its a good drive