LG model GCE-8525B question



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I got the new burner mentioned above but then was told it “did NOT support DVD format” neither reading or burning.

I have been all through the Owner’s Manual and there is no mention of DVD.

Do I have to get something else to watch and/or burn DVDs on my computer?

please pardon me if this is a really stoopid question


OK i pardon you :wink: .

Well , optical drives r commonly of 4 types

– CD-ROM drives --> can read cd’s
– CD-RW drives --> can read as well as burn cd’s
– DVD-ROM drives --> can read DVD’s & CD’s
– DVD-RW drives --> all 3 above plus burn DVD’s .

Unfortunately ur drive falls in category 2 , so no dvd’s …

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you can also check your optical drives using NeroInfoTool which you can get here. It’ll show you all the the things you want to know.


UGH!!! I guess I should have been more specific with the kind of drive I wanted.

I have been doing some more looking on here and I guess the drive I have is a good one. It plays VCD movies and I have used it to archive and back up my HD giving me more space.


so quickly too!

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If you have any questions about your drive, I have your drive as well as others so you should get good tech support.:slight_smile:

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