LG LRY 517's DVD+RW was the best



I think all DVD recorders in today’s market have this problem of recording too bright. Something is wrong with the video noise filter in all 4 DVD recorders I’ve tried. This 517 model has the same problem of recording too bright.

The software DVD shrink fails to read LG LRY-517’s DVD-RW’s Video mode by about 40% of my trial.

Someone posted from other room: “I sometimes can’t playback dvd-r’s that I’ve burned off my computer. It’s been very very inconsistent”
>>My reply : Oh I feel your pain. The best bet to me not to go with DVD-R or -RW of any kind with LG-517.

However the DVD shrink reads LG 517’s DVD+RW’s format with 100%. Absolutely no failure so far, and fast and smooth too. Awesome!!! Awesome!!! Awesome!!! I finally found the DVD recorder that works! Damn it!

DVD+RW FORMAT OF LG 517 WORKS in DVD shrink --> Chop off commercials --> NERO-Burn it into DVD+R in a computer --> PLAYED by ALL OTHER today’s DVD PLAYERS I TRIED

Who can answer me about recording too bright? You can see this stupid thing more intensively from cartoons in VHS to any DVD recorders.